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We are a full service mobility company, a SAP Mobility Solution partner and build apps for Companies, Consumers and Charities.  Our team has vast experience in SAP ERP, Analytics, Sharepoint and Salesforce.com systems and the challenging integration between them and mobile apps.  Where other companies only work on Mobile, we deliver across the entire technology stack.

easySales ready for beta testing customers

June 6, 2013 - By Chris Benson

Want one stop shopping for your sales team? The innovative app is nearing completion and connects your sales team with key data from SAP, Salesforce.com and Sharepoint all on an iPad. It unifies all data for a sales person within their iPad (one stop shopping). Key pre-sales activities like opportunities, accounts and contacts from Salesforce.com are united with order, delivery, invoice, credit and analytic information from SAP… It also supports offline access, SIRI voice dictation, account maps, and driving directions. Contact us to get more info and join the beta program.

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